Big mistake: Psaki tries to pacify Megyn Kelly over disarmed Marines evacuation

Megyn Kelly relentlessly grilled State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki Thursday night on the abrupt evacuation of Marines from the U.S. embassy in Yemen.

Kelly wanted answers after she pointed out that something obviously went very wrong where U.S. diplomats and military personnel were ordered to literally drop everything, including their weapons, after being rushed to the airport to take commercial flights home.

“Why was the evacuation from the embassy so hasty when we knew things were deteriorating for weeks now?” Kelly asked.

Psaki denied the evacuation was hasty, but conceded that Houthis rebels taking control of U.S. vehicles after the evacuation didn’t go as planned.

“We’ve been planning for weeks a range of contingency options,” Psaki said.

That didn’t go over too well with Kelly, who continued to press on the issues of why U.S. Marines were asked to disarm when clearly they were in a dangerous situation.

Psaki was more than vague about who that order came from, only saying that it did not come from the State Department or the ambassador. She also denied that the situation had anything to do with American leadership.

Kelly reminded Psaki that the U.S. has now had to pull out of Libya, Syria and Yemen.

“It seems very clear that American influence in that region is diminishing while that of Iran is on the rise,” Kelly said.

Psaki tried to placate Kelly by telling her that the U.S. plans to return to Yemen, because the Houthis stated, “they’re non-threatening to America.”

Big mistake trying to pacify Kelly that way, as she is no fool.

“They have ‘death to America’ – literally – written on their signs!” Kelly fired back.

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