8 ISIS bombers attack base housing hundreds of US Marines in Iraq; guess who wins?

Hostilities between terrorists and U.S. Marines stationed in Iraq stepped up when eight Islamic State militants, each wearing suicide vests, made it onto an Iraq military base housing 300 U.S. Marines.

The terrorists breached the secluded Ain al-Asad airbase west of Baghdad Friday, where the Marines are training their Iraqi counterparts.

They made it “nowhere near” the area where U.S. forces are stationed on the sprawling base before they were killed, Sean Ryan, chief of foreign affairs for the U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq told CBS News.

The terrorists were all killed by coalition forces before they could set off their charges.

Islamic State militants have been maintaining a position “just a few miles northeast of the base, in the al-Baghdadi area,” and have been shelling the base with rockets and mortars for the last several days — activity that the Pentagon has referred to as “nuisance” fire, CBS reported.

With Friday’s entry by suicide bombers, that “nuisance” was ramped up a bit.

The situation “bears watching,” retired Col. Thomas Lynch, a National Defense University fellow, told Fox News.

“It’s not impossible,” Lynch said of Islamic State forces penetrating the base perimeter, but it would require a large force, making them “vulnerable” to airstrikes.


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