Street justice: Shoplifter yells, ‘You hurt my arm!’ Elderly man says, ‘I’ll just break it!’

A 75-year-old man sprang into action when he saw that police needed help arresting a shoplifting suspect outside of Pittsburgh.

Charles Burton was selling bullet pens at a sportsmen’s show when he heard the commotion between police and the suspect, perpetrator, 29-year-old Jonathan Fekete Jr.

The elderly man jumped on Fekete and helped to hold him until backup arrived, My Fox Philly reported.

Photo source: My Fox Philly

“I was going to the food court to get something to eat, and I went over there and there was this officer. He had a fella up against the counter there, and I saw he was in trouble,” Burton said.

“I made a move and made a big twist and twisted his arm up over my head.”

Burton warned the shoplifter to stop fighting back.

“Yeah, I got his arm and gave him a big twist and tripped him and put him face down,” Burton explained.

“He kept hollering ‘You hurt my arm,’ and I said, ‘You better quit fussing around and fighting, I’ll just break it.”

Burton’s wife reportedly told her husband that he was too old to be taking on this kind of heroic activity.

Fekete is being held at the Washington County jail, charged with stealing $200 worth of cloths from Macy’s. He was also wanted on drug charges at the time of his arrest.

And he probably really wishes Burton’s wife was right.

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