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Free money for illegals: Obama amnesty offers tax ‘refunds’ to aliens who NEVER filed in the first place!

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com

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Illegal immigrants who are granted amnesty and are assigned Social Security numbers under President Obama’s executive action will be eligible to collect tax refunds even if they’d never before paid taxes or filed a return.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen revealed this outrage to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Wednesday, which seems to contradict a statement he’d made last week.

He added that he’d never spoken with the White House about tax implications of the president’s amnesty program, according to The Washington Times.

Koskinen testified to the Senate last week that those illegals who had previously filed returns using a special taxpayer identification number would be eligible to claim refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit once they receive a Social Security number.

The House testimony takes that even further.

“Under the new program, if you get a Social Security number and you work, you’ll be eligible to apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit,” he told the committee, even “if you did not file” taxes.

In order to make a claim, the immigrant would only need to prove that he’d worked off the books for those years he’s applying for the credit.

Approximately 700,000 illegals are working and paying taxes using a Taxpayer Identification Number. After Koskinen’s Senate testimony, Congress was left with the impression that would be the maximum number who could go back and claim the Earned Income credit.

This new information makes it clear that almost six times that number — approximately 4 million — would be eligible for the credit.

Meanwhile, other aspects of Obama’s amnesty are coming under scrutiny.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted fears that once illegal immigrants are granted Social Security cards under the president’s program, they can find ways to cast votes at elections. He will be testifying at a hearing scheduled Thursday on the amnesty issue, chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.


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