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Conservatives laugh at Charlie Sheen’s ‘Republican’ revelation; ‘Can we throw that one back?’

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Just when the wacky antics of actor Charlie Sheen seemed to be dying down, he announced that he could run for president – as a Constitutional Republican!

Michael Loftus, the host of “The Flipside,” interviewed Sheen and asked him to name three laws he would pass if he were ‘King of America.’

Sheen didn’t hesitate.

“Skilled vets in front of our schools, 10 percent tax across the board,” he started with.

“Flat tax? … I’m down with that,” said Loftus.

Sheen wrapped up with the most surprising revelation of all.

“The third would be, to just stop it, everybody relax. … Put the Constitution back into place. … I’m a Constitutional Republican, I believe in the Constitution, ya know?

“When I say to people, ‘Hey what if I run for president?’ it’s 100 percent,” Sheen said.

Not too many patriots seem to warming up to the idea, with the dominant mood being “can we throw that one back?”

Unfortunately for Sheen his Republican ‘outing’ was poorly timed.

Patriotic Twitter users aren’t exactly in a patient mood, especially after Sheen came out in support of disgraced journalist, Brian Williams.

But some folks are willing to take all the help that they can get.


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