Ted Cruz: Mitt Romney didn’t show up on Broadway trying to blow up ‘Book of Mormon’ stage

Sen. Ted Cruz delivered a message Wednesday from Washington that was loud and clear enough to be to heard by Islamic extremists worldwide:

Get your act together and stop being so damned sensitive.

And the Texas Republican used former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the perfect illustration.

“Right now on Broadway, a play is showing, ‘The Book of Mormon,’ that is ridiculing and making fun of the Mormon faith,” Cruz told the gathering at the “Defeat Jihad Summit” hosted by the Center for Security Policy. “Last I checked, Mitt Romney didn’t show up on Broadway trying to blow up the stage.”

He followed this up with the lesson to be learned.

“It is not a permissible response for anyone of any faith to say if you disagree with or if you criticize or even if you make fun of my faith, I will murder you,” Cruz said forcefully. “No one of any faith has right to make that statement.”

Compare that with the attack on the Paris office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and death threats against a Danish cartoonist and “The Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie — all because Muslims felt offended.

If one’s faith is such that it can’t take a little ribbing or criticism, then that faith is weak indeed.

Incredibly, President Obama suggested at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast that the terrorists who stormed Charlie Hebdo had a “legitimate grievance” because the magazine’s cartoons ridiculed Muhammad. Cruz’s speech was meant to counter that.

The Islamist terrorists won’t listen, of course. But will the American president?

H/T: CNS News.


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