Star of hit television show ‘Scandal’ comes down on Obama

A veteran of fictional Washington scandals and West Wing intrigues knows a real Washington scandal when he sees it.

Especially when it comes from the West Wing.

Television actor and “Scandal” star Joshua Malina was among the millions Monday who took issue with President Obama’s amazingly ignorant description of the Jewish victims of Islamist terror in Paris in January as “randomly” chosen.

Malina wasn’t the only one to question the president’s word choice, of course, but as an actor who spent five years playing a White House communications staffer on the NBC politco-drama “West Wing” who is now playing a regular role as a prosecutor on ABC’s “Scandal,” he has a higher profile than most.

And for an entertainment world figure with a high profile of activism in Jewish causes, the president’s callousness might have hit harder for Malina than it did for most.

That didn’t stop Obama’s obtuse defenders from coming to the president’s aid. Some actually bickered with Malina’s point.

Now, that explains everything. Those four men who died at the hands of Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly weren’t targeted because of who they were — just because they were Jews shopping in a kosher supermarket on a Friday, the eve of the Jewish sabbath.

“Random,” just Obama said.

Fortunately, not all of Malina’s Twitter followers were as willfully blind.

That’s not going to happen. Because to admit that would be admit that the Western world he happens to be the leader of isn’t facing a random threat at all, nor one motivated by unspecified “extremists” bent on violence.

It would mean admitting that Islamist terrorism is a direct threat, something this president is never going to do.

Or as one Twitter follower of Malina put it:

[Expletive]-the-truth might be a better way to put it.



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