Megyn Kelly invites Brian Williams: ‘Sit with me’ and come clean

Apart from general mea culpas from Brian Williams, the beleaguered “NBC Nightly News” anchor has offered very little in the way of explanation for exaggerations and outright lies he’s told over the years.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly wants to give him a platform for doing just that.

Will he accept the challenge?

“It’s all a self-inflected wound,” Fox News media correspondent Howard Kurtz told Kelly Tuesday of Williams’ troubles. “You just get eviscerated. Everybody has an opinion and it just gets out of control.”

That’s when Kelly made the offer.

“He needs to come out,” she told Kurtz. “I think he should actually sit with me.”

At that point, she presented her argument.

“I’d be fair, and I’d be tough, and we’d have a full venting of the issues,” she said. “And that’s when people start to forgive you.”

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