Atheist tea party-hater, Rachel Maddow fan guns down 3 Muslims; MSM downplays his politics

The murder of three Muslim students on Tuesday, apparently by a self-proclaimed atheist, set social media ablaze with allegations that the victims were killed because of “Islamophobia,” but the truth was more complicated.

Not only is the suspect a political progressive who loves Rachel Maddow and hates the tea party, he appears to hate all religions, too.

And he was apparently involved in a personal dispute with the victims as well.

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, was arrested and charged with three counts of first degree murder and is being held in the Durham County Jail, according to the News & Observer.

And his social media profile will make liberals cringe:

According to PJ Media:

A review of the Facebook page of the man charged in these murders, Craig Hicks, shows a consistent theme of anti-religion and progressive causes. Included in his many Facebook “likes” are the Huffington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion Foundation, Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” Neil deGrasse Tyson, gay marriage groups, and a host of anti-conservative/Tea Party pages.

According to the Daily Mail, the killings might have been set off by a parking dispute between Hicks and the victims, identified as Shaddy Barakat, 23, his wife, Yuso Mohammad, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19.

But Hicks’ animus toward religion might also have played a role.

According to reports, the alleged killer made anti-religion posts on his Facebook page.

Not anti-Muslim posts, anti-religion,  as he posted a banner and other paraphernalia promoting atheism.

Regardless, news organization after news organization pushed the “Muslim victim” narrative.

CNN, for example, tweeted “3 Muslim students shot to death in Chapel Hill, NC. Did their faith play a role in the killing?”

The hint being the killings were motivated by the victims Islamic faith.

Why is the media pushing the fact that the victims were Muslim as if to suggest this was a crime of Islamophobia when the man clearly had issues with al religions?

Would the outrage be the same if Hicks stood accused of shooting evangelical Christians, Catholics or Jews?

The following is a small sampling of some of the varied responses from the Twitterverse.

Silent? Where?

But he isn’t Christian. He’s an atheist.

It’s a trending story today. What media are they watching?

There it is. It’s the gun’s fault.

And then there is CNN’s Sally Kohn First she retweeted an old tweet.

Then she continued on her “the killings were racist” narrative.

Sally, you ARE the news. Call your bosses at CNN and demand air time.

Oh? The man being arrested and charged with first degree murder is white privilege?

So it’s still Islamophobia when he hates all religions? Hanging on to that narrative by a thread Sally.

Isn;t that be a twist? He’s a liberal. Sally’s head might explode.

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