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Video: Sheila Jackson Lee refuses to answer who paid for Grammys: ‘I let my staff handle it’

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So much for income equality.

Democrat National Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee attended the Grammy Awards Sunday where tickets fetched between $400 and $1,000 apiece.

Wasserman Schultz’s communications director, Sean Bartlett, told the Sun Sentinel in an email that she was at the event “learning more about pressing issues before the music industry as Congress prepares to take up related legislation.”

Jackson Lee has offered no such explanation and many people on social media are wondering who paid for her trip?

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Reporter Andy Cerota of KPRC Houston confronted the congresswoman at an event where she was discussing measles vaccinations and asked her who paid for the trip, but she did her best to avoid the question.

“I let my staff, they have my, uh, all of my information and I let my staff handle it and I will address the question, um,” Jackson Lee said.

When Cerota attempted a followup question, he was physically stopped by one of Jackson Lee’s staffers.

Glenn Rushing, Jackson Lee’s chief of staff, told Cerota the congresswoman paid for the trip out of her own pocket.

According to Politico, Jackson Lee and other lawmakers attended a briefing at The Village recording studio where Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills and Nash, talked about the need for a new, more sustainable business model for artists and Elton John stopped by to chat and take pictures with lawmakers.

Jackson Lee was among several politicians from both parties in the locale of the awards show.

With the House Judiciary Committee examining federal copyright law, the Recording Academy announcing Sunday that it has created a new group to lobby politicians on the artists’ behalf, and several members of Congress holding fundraisers in the area, there were plenty of business reasons for lawmakers to be in the vicinity of the awards show.

If it was a business trip why would Jackson Lee pay for the trip out of pocket?

If she paid for it out-of-pocket, why was she so reluctant to talk to Cerota about it?

Her uncomfortable answer to Cerota’s question didn’t help to quell any of the backlash on social media.

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