Town welcomes criminals with fair warning: ‘This is not a gun free zone’

Criminals trying to ply their trade in one Pennsylvania township won’t be able to say they weren’t warned.

Officials of Conoy Township in Lancaster County have posted public signs warning anyone who wonders that Conoy residents are ready to defend themselves.

“Welcome to Conoy Twp.,” the signs read. “This is not a gun free zone.”

Township Supervisor Stephen Mohr said the township decided to install the signs – at a cost of $500 each – after a series of crimes in surrounding communities. Plus, hearing about crimes in designated “gun free zones” helped, he said.

“I’m hoping the first image is that these people are pretty nice, they’re putting the welcome sign out for us,” Mohr said, according to Fox 43. “And it’s only the ones that are coming with ulterior motives that even the ‘Not a gun-free zone’ will even sink into.”

Some residents, at least, like the signs just fine.

“Don’t take it personal,” resident Ken Ebersole told the station. “Self-defense, protect your property, home invasions, it’s getting out of control.”

Mohr said that kind of attitude might get criminals’ attention – and keep them out.

“You’re welcome to Conoy Township,” he said. “It’s just follow the rules and the regulations.”


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