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Star Parker says Obama committed ‘verbal rape’ at Prayer Breakfast; ‘it was horrible … I was there’

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Controversy over President Obama’s National Prayer Breakfast remarks comparing medieval Christianity with modern-day Islamic State savagery won’t die down anytime soon.

Conservative author and columnist Star Parker didn’t mince words Monday when she told a panel of guests on Fox News’ “Hannity” what it was like to be sitting in the audience at the breakfast.

“Let me put in context then because I was in the room,” Parker said. “It was frankly verbal rape. Oh yeah. We were not expecting it. Nobody wanted it. It was horrible to sit through. And after it was over we all felt like crap.

“Verbal rape is what it was,” Parker said.

Gasps ensued from some of the show’s other guests which included Geraldo Rivera who said she was using a ‘harsh’ term.

Undeterred, Parker explained.

“Verbal rape is what it was, because he pulled the air out of the room.

“… There were 4,000 people there to unify. The question on the table was can these three major religions get along … they came together to pray.

But the unifying nature of the prayer breakfast was shattered by Obama’s divisive remarks that needlessly brought up the past and seem to suggest to our nations enemies to keep “doing what they’re doing” in the Middle East.

“He [Obama] was so blind, he’s so arrogant in his conceit “There were people from 130 different countries sitting there thinking, ‘Can we resolve this?’ That was the purpose.”


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