Netanyahu sticks his thumb in Obama’s eye: ‘What’s Hebrew for double-down?’

In what looks like a move to speak directly to the American people, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted his resolve to speak before Congress on the issue of Iran despite opposition from the Obama administration and ranking congressional Democrats.

I’m determined to speak before Congress to stop Iran. RETWEET if I have your support,” he tweeted to his 342,000 Twitter followers.

Netanyahu included an image with his tweet that read, “A dangerous agreement with Iran is taking shape in Munich which would risk Israel’s existence. Therefore, I’m determined to travel to Washington and present Israel’s position before Congress and the American people.”

He followed that tweet with several more, in a series that led CNN Washington correspondent Jake Tapper to respond, “What’s Hebrew for double-down?”

“I am going to the United States not because I seek a confrontation with the President, but to speak up for very survival of my country,” read one.

“Iran is a regime that is openly committed to Israel’s destruction,” read another tweet.

Then he took a shot directly at the Obama administration and the “P5+1,” the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, plus Germany, that are part of theh Iranian nuclear talks.

“We do have a profound disagreement today w/U.S. Admin & P5+1 over the offer that has been made to Iran which threatens Israel’s survival,” he wrote.

Not surprisingly the Twitterverse responded gleefully to the announcement with more than 4,500 “retweets” and over 1,600 “likes.”

Not to mention these responses.

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Carmine Sabia


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