Jindal to press: ‘In every picture you run of me … put in a disclaimer that I’m not white’

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal fired back at liberal race baiters Monday over social media images that portrayed him as white.

Jindal was attending a Christian Science Monitor breakfast to discuss important issues like Common Core, the nationalized educational standards Jindal firmly opposes.

But reporters took a moment to get Jindal’s thoughts about a tweet heavily circulated by a Louisiana blogger that portrayed the governor, whose parents emigrated to the United States from India, as Caucasian.

“I’m not white?,” Jindal joked with reporters.

“That’s a revelation. I will give you permission in every picture you run of me… you have my permission to put in a disclaimer that I’m not white,” he said, according to The Hill.

It looked as if the Louisiana blogger was somewhat obsessed with portraits of his governor, as is seen from other tweets:

Jindal’s chief of staff, Kyle Plotkin, took to Twitter to scold the Louisiana blogger with the real “official portrait.”

Jindal used the incident as a teachable moment on liberal race baiting.

“I think the left is devoid of ideas, and unfortunately this what they’ve resorted to – name calling, going back to dividing people by the color of their skin,” he said.


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