Jeb Bush shoots for transparency, ends up exposing too much

In the spirit of transparency with a possible 2016 presidential run on the horizon, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush released Tuesday morning all the emails he received during his eight years in office — 1999-2007.

Although most were pretty mundane, some contained private information, including personal phone numbers, physical addresses and, in at least one instance, a Social Security number. In all cases, the senders’ names and email addresses were left un-redacted.


A lot of folks took to social media and were horrified by the news, including these:

But not all comments were critical. As Newsweek reported, “the most recent emails are more than seven years old, so many of the addresses and phone numbers may have changed.”

And then there’s the issue of Florida’s “Sunshine law,” as some Twitter users noted:

Although names, phone numbers and addresses are fairly innocuous, Social Security numbers are not. BuzzFeed News uncovered one of the emails which it described as:

In one public email, which has been redacted by BuzzFeed News, a man serving in the Navy makes an appeal to Bush to have his mother pardoned or her record expunged. The email contains his mother’s name and Social Security number.

In another move toward transparency, Bush allowed members of the press to observe and tweet at what would normally be a closed fundraiser on Tuesday. Reporters were surprised and delighted and couldn’t help but make comparisons to Democratic politicians:

BizPac Review emailed Bush’s political action committee, American Bridge 21st Century, requesting a response from either the former governor or the PAC. As of the time of publication, it has yet to receive an answer.

H/T: Twitchy.

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