‘An orchestrated political hit job’: Powerful Clinton insider resigning from PAC an ‘ominous sign’

David Brock, a powerful Clinton insider, has resigned from the board of Priorities USA Action, a super PAC that will provide major funding for the Clinton campaign.

David Brock

The move caused an explosion of chatter in the political universe.

Priorities USA Action was the largest liberal spender in the 2012 presidential election according to OpenSecrets.org — plowing over $65 million into Obama’s coffers.

Brock’s resignation letter accused Priorities USA of conspiring against his other organizations, American Bridge and Media Matters – which both support Clinton- in what Brock called  “an orchestrated political hit job,” as reported by Politico.

Bloomberg’s John Hellermann and Mark Halperin discussed the repercussions to Hilary Clinton’s nascent bid for the White House.

Hellermann started the conversation with, “Infighting in the Clinton world is as reliable as the sun rising in the east, but my question to you is if this is a sign of bad stuff to come.”

Halperin called the shakeup “chaos in Clintonland” and described Brock as “someone who went from being on the right to a real Clinton insider.”

Hellermann concluded by quoting someone close to Hillary’s campaign who told him that “his concern was that the whole thing was going to collapse under its own weight because there’s just so many people trying to get in on the action.”

Clinton is notorious for maintaining several large circles of advisers, supporters, and various courtiers, as chronicled by The New York Times Magazine in its their magazine feature “Planet Hillary.”  It’s inevitable that some of these not-so-celestial bodies will collide, and as we see with Brock, conflict and chaos ensue.

Politico takes the infighting as an “ominous sign,” noting that it “calls to mind the squabbles that helped sink Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.”

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