Where the hell does Michelle Obama think she lives? North Korea?

Shut up and like it.

That seems to be Michelle Obama’s response to kids who hate their school lunches.

In an interview with Cooking Light magazine, the first lady said that someday these school lunch standards would be the norm and children would be happy with them.

“The school lunch changes will eventually be embraced by kids”, she said. “Because we’re really thinking about the kids who are kindergartners today. If all they know are whole grains and vegetables, by the time they’re graduating from high school, this will be their norm; they won’t know anything different.”

Yes, brainwashing works best when you start it as young as possible.

She also anticipates that these kids will go to college and “educate” others to these “new norms.”

“These kids will be acclimated to different tastes, and then they’ll go into college with that set of information and those skills and those norms,” Obama said. “And hopefully they’ll become the voices of their generation for how to eat and live and build a quality life.

“We’re looking at those kids, and when they start to raise their own kids and they start passing on those habits to the next generation,” she added.

While there is no doubt eating healthier is a good thing and beneficial to everyone what Mrs. Obama, and her husband, don’t seem to understand is that no one wants to be dictated to. Not about food choices and not about health care.

Besides, much as it might offend the socialist sensibilities of the first couple, most Americans kids do eat somewhere besides government-run kitchens. Mrs. Obama’s plan to control every piece of nutrition going into their bodies — and their taste for it — won’t hold up outside a North Korean gulag.

Twitter users, meanwhile, took the first lady to task on her latest “DON’T let them eat cake” royal proclamation.

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Carmine Sabia


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