War? What war? ‘Pop star prez’ Obama finds time for Grammys

Shouldn’t he be worrying about the war instead of awards?

Making a one-minute video appearance at the Grammys Sunday, President Obama plugged an anti-rape and sexual assault campaign called “It’s On Us,” asking the music industry’s help in putting an end to sexual and  domestic violence.

First, get the obvious out of the way.

This is a business that literally makes a living from selling female sexuality – anybody else catch Miley Cyrus fondling Katy Perry’s breast for the cameras? And its tolerance for domestic and sexual violence is legendary – as Chris Brown and R. Kelly Grammy nominations show. (They probably got some dirty looks during the president’s speech.)

More importantly, on the other side of the world, a band of savages called the Islamic State is on a rampage that includes sexual slavery for thousands of women – Christian and Muslim. Another Islamic group called Boko Haram kidnaps women by the hundreds for forcible conversions to Islam and a life of sexual slavery.

And the same groups — and their radicalized adherents throughout the world — vow more or less daily to attack the United States and its chief allies with ever more depraved methods.

But the president has time for the Grammys.

Twitter, as usual, took notice of the “pop star prez.”

And this one sums it up pretty well.

Sounds like the platform of the Democratic Party.

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