Ultra-liberal MSNBC veteran raises eyebrows for blasting Obama’s ‘Crusades’ remark

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, normally an enthusiastic water carrier for the Obama administration, was not at all pleased when the president told Christians to “get off [their] high horse” at the National Prater Breakfast last week.

“You don’t use the word Crusades, number one, in any context right now,” she told the “Meet the Press” panelists Sunday. “It’s just it’s too fraught.”

Mitchell also noted that the timing of the president’s remarks was terrible.

“And the week after a pilot is burned alive, in a video shown, you don’t lean over backwards to be philosophical about the sins of the fathers,” she said. “You have to deal with the issue that’s in front of you or don’t deal with it at all.”

Host and NBC political director Chuck Todd countered later into the discussion that a lot of conservative politicians invoke faith. But there’s a difference when it’s the head of state, Mitchell insisted.

“But he’s the president and you can’t really go back to 1095,” she said.

“So you think he made a mistake?” Todd asked.

“I do,” Mitchell replied. “Because it’s so out of context and it is so much in passing. If you’re giving a major speech about theology perhaps, but this is the Prayer Breakfast and remember, the context of that is very limited.”

Look for pigs to start flying any day now.


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