TV station offers advice on how to respond to home invasion; no mention of ‘gun,’ ‘firearm’ or ‘weapon’

A Nebraska TV station recently offered viewers advice on what to do in the event of a home invasion. But a reviewer noticed something peculiar about the advice being offered — it never once mentioned the word, “gun,” “firearm” or “weapon.”

Omaha NBC affiliate WOWT reporter Erin Murray asked Frontline Private Security officer Jake Bettin last week what to do if you hear someone enter your home.

“In this situation, you are either going to flee, comply or resist,” he said, setting up what Robert Farago at saw as a hierarchy.

First try to flee the scene, thus giving the burglar free rein over your home and possessions. If that doesn’t work, do whatever the burglar says, within reason. Finally, as a last resort, resist.

But the station and the rent-a-cop gloss over the “resist” part, and offer no real suggestion as to how to go about resisting. In fact, they seem to discourage it.

“If you’re defending yourself and your family, that can be justified,” Bettin told Murray.

That can be justified? How about that’s always justified?

One nice thing about the advice is that it was given free of charge.

But you know what they say about free advice — it’s worth exactly what you paid for it.


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