Michael Moore furious over Brian Williams critics; lets loose in new loony rant

Michael Moore can’t keep his mouth shut.

The liberal filmmaker took to Facebook Sunday to criticize how NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams is being treated by the media.

Moore of course took the opportunity to use the situation to continue his 14-year mission to bash the Bush administration.

“George W. Bush is now an artist and a painter & roots for dear brother ‘Jeb in 2016;’ Dick Cheney now appears on many networks as a grumpy old man pundit; Condi Rice gets to be on the board that picks college football’s Final 4,” he wrote. “But it’s Brian Williams who’s to be punished for Iraq? Are u effing kidding me?”

Somehow, Moore found a way to relate his anger about America fighting the war at all with a news anchor blatantly lying to the American people.

“The real liars who were responsible for the Iraq War roam free while instead going after Brian Williams for committing the crime of Faux Macho,” Moore wrote. “This just begs to be ridiculed and stopped.”

Predictably, not everyone who commented on Moore’s Facebook post was happy with the director.

Michael Moore Facebook Post

Of course, there were some geniuses who did the obligatory “blame Fox News” routine, even though Brian Williams never worked at the stations.

Michael Moore Facebook Post Fox

You can read the entire Moore rant below.


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