Amb. John Bolton: Obama can learn a lot from King Abdullah’s courage

Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s courage and resolve after one of his military pilots was burned alive by Islamic State terrorists should serve as an example for President Obama, who “needs to demonstrate that he’s committed to winning,” former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said Sunday.

By the time Bolton was interviewed by Eric Shawn on Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters,” the Jordanian Air Force had conducted 56 airstrikes against Islamic State positions following the execution of the Jordanian pilot.

Shawn noted how Investor’s Business Daily described Jordan and its king:

Leadership: Jordan is taking the war to the terrorists…In less than a week, Jordan has transformed itself from a bit player in the war on terror to a moral beacon of why we fight, because it’s ultimately a struggle of good versus evil and good must win…There’s a word for this: victory…maybe all the allies could learn from it.

“Well you know I think you could learn a lot from the courage that King Abdullah has shown,” Bolton said.

Then the ambassador referred the photo of Abdullah, a trained fighter pilot, in a full military flight suit.

“You know the last time a sitting American president wore a uniform, I think, was George Washington leading the troops out of Philadelphia to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion,” he said. “So I don’t think Obama has to go that far but I do think he needs to demonstrate that he’s committed to winning.”

Bolton distinguished Abdullah’s call to action from the president’s own lack of resolve in defeating Islamic State jihadists.

“And I think that evidence of that commitment [to defeat ISIS] is still absent,” Bolton said.

“When you talk about degrading and ultimately defeating, you’re talking about a process that sounds like it will go on for a long time. That plays into ISIS’ hands. The longer they have to get control over the territory they now hold in Iraq and Syria, the harder it’s going to be to dislodge them down the road.”


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