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Why is Scott Walker the early favorite for Krauthammer, George Will in GOP sweepstakes?

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker picked up the kind of political advertising money can’t buy this weekend when three prominent conservatives said they’d put money on Walker to win the GOP nomination next year.

Given a hypothetical $100 to wager on the Republican field, heavyweights Charles Krauthammer and George Will both placed the most money on Walker — $40 for Krauthammer, $35 for Will – with the rest divvied up among the remaining hopefuls.

Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes put his two top bets on Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at $30 each, while National Public Radio political correspondent Mara Liasson put her $50 of her hypothetical $100 on former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, because “he’s the establishment candidate.”

But it was Krauthammer’s words about Walker that carried the most weight – and especially how the Badger State governor has proven to be a winner in a tough environment.

“He has the attributes you’d want for this kind of race. He has appeal to the Tea Party, has appeal to the more Establishment Republicans,” Krauthammer said.

“We’re not talking about a senator, we’re not talking about somebody who makes speeches. He’s been a governor. He did something really important, he took on the unions. He did it at very high risk, high costs he won three elections himself, he won two others which were indirectly about him, a recall election and state Supreme Court election, and he won five elections against all the union money in the country. So, he shows he can win. he shows he can govern, he shows he can handle hard issues, and now people are looking at him to see what kind of candidate, how he presents himself.

“He gave a good speech in Iowa, and that, I think, has sort of rocketed him out of the mass.”

That’s word of mouth that’s priceless.



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