Kerry gives another speech on terror – and guess what word he can’t say

Secretary of State John Kerry had a surprise meeting Sunday with his Iranian equivalent in Munich to play an international version of “Let’s Make A Deal.”

The impromptu confab between the two diplomats took place on the sidelines of the 51st Munich Security Conference, according to Reuters.

“Their meeting was focused on the ongoing nuclear negotiations, and they discussed the recent meetings of the P5+1,” an anonymous U.S. State Department official told Fox News, referring to the world power group comprising the United States, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France and, in the plus-one category, Germany. “Secretary Kerry also reiterated our desire to move toward a political framework by the end of March. They agreed to stay in close touch and that they would try to meet again soon, Reuters reported.

In his speech to the group, Kerry talked of the need to combat “violent extremism.”

“The second major test facing the United States, Europe and, indeed, the entire civilized world today is, of course, the rise of violent extremism,” he said. “Today, we are witnessing nothing more than a form of criminal anarchy, criminal anarchy, a nihilism which illegitimately claims an ideological and religious foundation. And against this enemy, make no mistake, we are increasingly organizing and fighting back effectively, and we must. The world cannot and will not cower in the face of this extremism.”

Notice that nowhere does he mention Islam.

On “Fox and Friends Weekend Sunday,” the American Islamic Forum for Democracy’s Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and civil rights attorney Shayan Elahi debated the merits of using the word, “Islamic,” to describe terrorists.

In order to combat terroristic violence, it has to be called what it is, Jesser said.

Elahi disagreed, arguing that equating terrorism with Islam is like bashing the entire faith and alienating Muslims.

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