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FUMBLE! Obama strategy is like a football team without a coach, ex-intel chief tells Chris Wallace

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Joining the chorus of critics of the Obama administration, a former top Defense official said Sunday the president’s strategy is flailing.

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Obama’s former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said the administration’s strategy in dealing with terrorism is “clearly not working,” and compared it to a single football team playing different games at separate playing fields.

Repeating a complaint common among Obama critics, Flynn told Fox News host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that “you can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists.”

Administration officials from the president on down have refused to refer to the problem as “radical Islam,” “Islamic terrorists” or “jihadists,” preferring to call them simply “terrorists.”

Flynn also remarked that the Obama administration has no cohesive strategy for dealing with Islamic State terrorists.

“We’re kinda like a football team” that, “when we say ‘ready, break!’” at the close of the huddle, instead of advancing toward the goal line in a cohesive manner, the team players “are going off in different stadiums playing different sports.”

Flynn isn’t the first former administration official to speak ill of the president’s leadership. Former Defense Secretaries Leon Panetta and Robert Gates have written unflattering memoirs of their experience in the administration.

Soon-to-be former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has also been critical of the president.


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