Downed chopper pilot says he told NBC 12 years ago that Williams’ story was false

Things have gone from bad to worse for NBC News and anchor Brian Williams.

Don Helus, the pilot of the helicopter that took missile fire in the now-infamous tale Williams has been telling for more than a decade, told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Saturday that he informed NBC via email that Williams’ story was inaccurate 10 years ago, but he never heard back.

Helus said he first heard of Williams’ story when a friend showed him a video of Williams telling his fabricated version in April 2003.

If Helus’ story is true, Williams began fictionalizing the tale 12 years ago.

“The fact is, Mr. Williams wasn’t in or near our aircraft at the time,” Helus told Stelter. “It saddens me that you have so many combat journalists out there who are in that situation, seeing those things happen, and more than likely, they don’t tell the story like that, with that embellishment.”

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