Millions in taxpayer incentives later, Office Depot leaving business-friendly Florida

Office Depot is packing up its corporate bags and shipping out of the Sunshine State, but not before scoring millions in state and local taxpayer incentives. The […]

Bet you didn’t know THIS could peel a boiled egg

Check out this neat trick to peeling a hard-boiled egg that saves a lot of frustration in the kitchen. Just fill a glass with about 3 inches […]

Teen snapped a selfie posing with the body of the boy he murdered, police charge

A black Pennsylvania teenager has been charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of his white classmate. According to police, the mother of another teenager […]

YouTube celebrities can’t always handle the price of fame

What happens when you sit 13 famous YouTube stars down and show them a mockery of themselves? Some took the comedy lightly while others got upset. But […]

will and jimmy
Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon rap it out on ‘The Tonight Show’

Screen star Will Smith made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday, and the two teamed up to re-create the ’80s hit “It […]

Ted Cruz slaps down ‘ridiculous’ question from CNN; puts Dems on the spot

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruzlocked horns with CNN’s Dana Bash Sunday on “State of the Union” over Department of Homeland Security funding, which is scheduled to run out […]

Bob Woodward: Military is fed up with Susan Rice ‘telling generals what to do’

The U.S. military is tired of being micromanaged by the likes of Susan Rice and others like her. So said famed journalist Bob Woodward on “Fox News […]

American fighters trained in Mideast, homegrown jihadists threaten US, Homeland Security chairman says

It’s not just barbarians at the gate anymore. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee warned Sunday that the United State is facing dangers not just […]

John Kerry
Kerry gives another speech on terror – and guess what word he can’t say

Secretary of State John Kerry had a surprise meeting Sunday with his Iranian equivalent in Munich to play an international version of “Let’s Make A Deal.” The […]

FUMBLE! Obama strategy is like a football team without a coach, ex-intel chief tells Chris Wallace

Joining the chorus of critics of the Obama administration, a former top Defense official said Sunday the president’s strategy is flailing. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President […]

Downed chopper pilot says he told NBC 12 years ago that Williams’ story was false

Things have gone from bad to worse for NBC News and anchor Brian Williams. Don Helus, the pilot of the helicopter that took missile fire in the […]

Why is Scott Walker the early favorite for Krauthammer, George Will in GOP sweepstakes?

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker picked up the kind of political advertising money can’t buy this weekend when three prominent conservatives said they’d put money on Walker to […]