Video: Dealership donates car to walking Detroit man who inspired country with work ethic

A Michigan man who walked 21 miles to and from work every day for more than a decade won’t have to make that laborious trek anymore.

James Robertson, who became a media sensation after his story made national headlines, received a new Ford Taurus on Friday, ending his walking days for good, the Detroit Free Press reported.

College student Evan Leedy, 19, set up a GoFundMe page after reading about Robertson’s long pedestrian commute, and his flawless attendance record at work, eventually raising more than $312,000 toward a new vehicle.

Robertson walked into a local Ford dealership expecting to get some brochures and pick out a new car to purchase with the donations.

Instead, his dream car was already waiting for him. The dealership donated a Ford Taurus as a gift, without tapping into the money raised.

“It’s simple on the outside and strong in the inside, like me,” Robertson said of his love for the Taurus.

Robertson’s friend, banker Blake Pollock, helped broker the deal as a surprise, according to the Free Press.

“I said, ‘You really want a Taurus, right?’” Pollock told the Free Press. “I was so scared that, at the last minute, he might say, ‘Oh, I changed my mind to a Toyota’ or something.”

The dealership’s co-owner, David Fischer Jr., asked Robertson if he liked the car.

“I don’t like it. I love it. It’s just as I had envisioned,” Robertson said. “I can’t thank people enough. I can’t wait to show my coworkers.”

The money raised from the GoFundMe page, which has since been shut down, will help Robertson pay for car insurance, maintenance, health care and other needs, Pollock told the newspaper.

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