Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Obama’s ‘strategic patience’ security agenda: ‘Yogurt has more intellectual structure’

Two military leaders Friday excoriated U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s speech detailing America’s national security strategy.

“Secure, expand, defend, leverage — her four points,” Lt. Col. Ralph Peters told “The O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly. “Bill, that’s not a strategy, that’s a bumper sticker.”

He was decidedly unimpressed with the speech that gave us the phrase “strategic patience.”

“The yogurt I had for breakfast had more intellectual structure,” Peters added.

O’Reilly asked another guest, Col. David Hunt, if he believed the administration lived in an “unreal world of delusion.”

“I think anytime you give a speech that spends as much time on transgender issues as it does on terrorism, and it’s a national security speech, you’ve got a real problem,” Hunt said.

Peters blasted Rice and the administration for “not caring” about Islamic State atrocities.

“They didn’t mention the destruction of 2,000 years of Christian civilization,” Peters said. “They didn’t mention the burying [of] little boys alive, the destruction of other minorities, the slaughter of Muslims, beheading of children for watching soccer matches. They don’t care! They don’t care!”


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