Rick Perry fires back at obnoxious Fla. Congressman: Texas IS Crazy! So what?

Texas is becoming a world of its own – in all the right ways – and former Gov. Rick Perry is embracing the distinction.

Perry’s governorship came under harsh criticism for rejecting the federal health care expansion and apparently prompted Rep. Alcee Hastings D-FL, to call the Lone Star State a “crazy state” in which he could never live.

“He called Texans crazy. He is right,” Perry said Thursday night, according to The Dallas Morning News.

rickperry0703“We’re crazy about jobs. We’re crazy about opportunity. … And we’re particularly crazy about the Second Amendment and the 10th Amendment. What we’re not crazy about is a government that taxes too much, borrows too much, spends too much,” he said.

Perry was playing to an audience of conservatives a few blocks from the White House.

The potential presidential nominee, spoke to the American Principles Project, a group that promotes libertarian and social conservative policies, with an emphasis that night, on family values.

Robert George, the group’s founder first addressed the crowd of 300, with the glaring fact that government must grow as the American family disintegrates, reported the DMN.

“If you want a free economy … you darn well better have a healthy families,” he said.

Perry was able to capitalize on that popular sentiment and took the opportunity to criticize President Obama on a myriad of issues including foreign policy and the border crisis, which an issue that hits close to home for Perry.

But he made sure to end things on a positive note.

“While I do have a quarrel or two with my government, I love my country,” Perry said.

“There is nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed with a change in leadership. The next two years are about hope and revival,” he said.


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