Obama under fire for denying Jordan’s request for drones

Barack Obama and King Abdullah II
Barack Obama and King Abdullah II / Source: www.i24news.tv

A House Armed Services Committee member disclosed Thursday that the Obama administration turned down a request by Jordan’s King Abdullah II this year to purchase Predator surveillance drones.

That became important this week when Jordan began assuming a leadership position in the fight against Islamic State after its members horrifically burned to death a captured Jordanian pilot, according to The Washington Times.

Following the release of video footage depicting the pilot’s murder, Jordan launched a “vengeance strikes” against the terrorists. The drones would have proved especially beneficial by providing accurate targeting data to Jordan’s military.

Knowing that the drones will continue to be critical during hostilities, Rep. Duncan Hunter, a California Republican, is asking that President Obama release drones to Jordan

“The decision to deny the license request should be reversed immediately,” Hunter wrote. “Doing so will provide Jordan critical mission capability in the fight against the Islamic State and ensure Jordan is given every advantage.

Hunter is a reserve United States Marine Corps officer and a veteran of both the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

“Jordan has made requests for specific resources, including ammunition,” Hunter said. “Given our mutual interests, and our strong relationship, it’s absolutely critical that we provide Jordan the support needed to defeat the Islamic State.”

Following the king’s visit to the White House this week, Obama promised more aid and loan guarantees to Jordan. But it’s really military assets that are essential to Jordan — not money.

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