Jordan releases video of strikes against ISIS – can someone send it to Obama?

Jordan documented its first steps of retaliation against ISIS in a video released shortly after the burning body of a Jordanian pilot, who they now call “Martyr Moaz,” was seen all over the world.

Many are likely hoping that Obama gets a copy.

According to Mail Online:

The footage, understood to have been broadcast on state TV, shows troops messages on plane-mounted missiles before the fleet of fighter jets are launched from the base.

The mission – dubbed Operation Martyr Moaz in memory of the pilot brutally killed by ISIS – is the latest show of force from the nation, which has promised a ‘harsh’ war against the terror group.

The military’s statement, read on state TV, was entitled, ‘This is the beginning and you will get to know the Jordanians’ – an apparent warning to ISIS.
It said the strikes will continue ‘until we eliminate them.’

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