ISIS claims airstrikes killed American hostage, State Dept. can’t confirm

The last remaining American hostage held by the Islamic State may have been killed.

The Islamic State claimed Friday that the hostage Kayla Jean Mueller, whose name was released today with permission of her family, was killed in a Jordanian air strike according to jihadist watchdog group SITE.

ISIS claimed on Twitter the hostage was killed when the building she was being held in collapsed during the Jordanian offensive.

According to SITE who translated the tweet the strikes hit the town of Raqqah during local prayer time, around noon.

Kayla Mueller
Last remaining American ISIS hostage Kayla Jean Mueller, photo via Google +.

“Allah made their pursuit disappointed and deterred their cunning, and no mujahid was injured in the bombardment, and all praise is due to Allah,” the Tweet read.

Jordanian Interior Minister Hussein Majali denied the claim and called it “another PR stunt by ISIS.”

“They tried to cause problems internally in Jordan and haven’t succeeded,” he added. “They are now trying to drive a wedge between the coalition with this latest low PR stunt.”

Kayla Mueller
Last remaining American ISIS hostage Kayla Jean Mueller, photo via Facebook.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf could not confirm the claim.

“I cannot confirm those reports in any way. Obviously people are looking into them, but cannot confirm them.” she said. “We’re just not going to get into specifics about Americans being held overseas.”

The CIA is investigating the claims but a senior defense official told NBC News that if the hostage was killed it could be impossible to tell if it was caused by an air strike.

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