Glenn Beck calls for ‘tea party’ to change name to survive; become ‘shape-shifters’

Conservative commentator and host Glenn Beck told his audience Thursday that in order for the Tea Party movement to survive, it must first change its name.

“We’ve got to find new language,” Beck told his Blaze TV audience. “[On the left], they’re shape-shifters. You have to constantly shift with them.”

But the name change shouldn’t entail a change in the movement’s values. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once wrote. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

So too with the Tea Party, often associated with Beck, although he didn’t actually start it.

“You stand here with the truth, but you understand that they are going to continually shift their shape,” Beck said. “Good. So will I,” he affirmed.

Beck noted that the left often changes what it calls itself, from “progressives” to “liberals” then back to “progressives,” depending upon what sounds better to the general population.

The Tea Party label, however, has increasingly been mocked. Time to find a new one.

“The truth won’t change, love will not change,” he concluded, only the names and labels will.


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