‘Snipers SAVE Lives’ billboard campaign aims at a very specific target

Hollywood is going to get a dose of reality with a new billboard campaign in support of American military snipers set to debut this month.


The bold move is in response to much of the entertainment world’s slanderous criticism of the wildly popular movie, “American Sniper,” reported Liberty News.

Clint Eastwood’s movie about American hero and Navy SEAL Chris Kyle has been attacked by left-wing zealots like Michael Moore and Seth Rogan. And some critics of the movie have dismissed the enormous success of “American Sniper” as little more than fodder for fly-over country, despite its being nominated for five Academy Awards, including best picture.

The conservative grassroots group Grassfire is fighting back.

Grassfire’s campaign public statement states:

“Patriots throughout our nation can now ‘fire’ back at members of the Hollywood Left who so viciously attacked both Cling Eastwood’s movie ‘American Sniper’ and the character of the slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. (One member of the media “elite” even suggested that Kyle was a racist who went on “killing sprees”!)
Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet, if these lies aren’t challenged and if patriots fail to rise to the defense of our military men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedom, we all are doing them a grave disservice.”

If Grassfire can reach its fundraising goal, the sign that brazenly says, “Snipers SAVE Lives: We Support our Military Heroes!” will literally hang-over-the-heads of stars and starlets as they walk the red carpet Feb. 22 at the 2015 Oscars.

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