911 operator tells girl to ‘stop whining’ as she reports crash that killed her father

A fatal hit-and-run incident has led to the reassignment of a 911 operator after he told the victim’s daughter to “stop whining” during an emergency call Sunday in Maryland.

An investigation into the call has begun and the seemingly insensitive operator has since been relegated to a position where he will have no contact with the pubic, said Anne Arundel County Fire Department spokesman, Capt. Russ Davies.

According to transcripts obtained by the Capital Gazette, the hit-and-run took place while the victim, Rick Warrick, 38, and his fiancé changed a tire on the side of Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

The offending vehicle fled the scene and has not yet been found.

“Can you all please hurry up,” Warrick’s daughter said to the 911 operator on the night of incident.

“Ma’am, stop yelling,” he replied. “I need a location.”

hit and run The girl was only 13, according to The Associated Press.

The daughter tells the operator their location and what had occurred at the scene, according to the Capitol Gazette.

“So two people were struck?” the operator said.

As the reality of the situation sets in the woman becomes emotional.

“Yes, they both laying, they both just laying …” she said.

“OK, let’s stop whining,” the operator interrupted. “OK? Let’s stop whining. Its’ hard to understand you.”

The call goes on, eventually getting all the pertinent information across while the operator repeatedly tells the girl to “stop yelling,” the Gazette reported.

The 911 call was examined after Rick Warrick died from his injuries.

“The 911 dispatchers are trained to take control when they get a hysterical caller,” Davies said. “However, he certainly used a poor choice of words. That 911 call did not meet our expectations of how that call should have been handled.”

“While the call did not meet our expectations, we do not believe it affected dispatch time,” Davies said.

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