Obama defies Congress, busts cap on work permits

The Obama administration is running a massive parallel immigration system outside the laws and limits written by Congress, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information […]

Sen. Tom Cotton: Terrorists ‘can rot in hell’; until then, ‘they can rot in Gitmo’

At a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday morning, Sen. Tom Cotton made a point that seems to be lost on liberals and thew Obama administration: Islamic […]

Florida man tearing down home gun range after intense public uproar

After a public outcry – and some generous private donations – a St. Petersburg, Fla., man won’t be putting a gun range on his property after all. […]

Iraqi Christian militia to take battle to Islamic State: ‘This is our last stand’

Assyrian Christians forced to flee from their homes by last summer’s advance of Islamic State fighters are forming a militia of up to 4,000 men to take […]

Wounded warrior outraged as ‘rainbow’ flag flies at military installation

Wounded warrior retired Senior Airman Brian Kolfage was startled by a strange sight as he wound his way through Davis Mountain Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. […]

Michell Malkin calls out NBC’s Brian Williams: ‘Arrogant fabulist’ full of ‘bloviating BS’

This was a mainstream media moment of truth. The fallout continued Thursday from “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams’ confession Wednesday night that he’d fabricated an emotional […]

hit and run
911 operator tells girl to ‘stop whining’ as she reports crash that killed her father

A fatal hit-and-run incident has led to the reassignment of a 911 operator after he told the victim’s daughter to “stop whining” during an emergency call Sunday […]

BizPac Review
NY mayor cuts $5,000 check to thug who threatened cops with machete, police commissioner explodes

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has finally taken his “cops are the bad guys” position too far — far enough to infuriate the one cop […]

Hollywood Billboards "American Sniper"
‘Snipers SAVE Lives’ billboard campaign aims at a very specific target

Hollywood is going to get a dose of reality with a new billboard campaign in support of American military snipers set to debut this month. The bold […]

cpac Palin promo
Sarah Palin joins CPAC’s impressive list of conservative power players

Conservatives’ favorite “Mama Grisly” is officially gearing up to give a rousing CPAC speech this month in D.C. Sarah Palin has confirmed participation at this year’s Conservative […]

Obama Prayer Breakfast
OUTRAGE! Obama uses National Prayer Breakfast to compare Christianity to Islamist killers

This should be too much for even libs to swallow. President Obama raised the bar on being out of touch by comparing historical acts in the name […]

Liberals busted lying about being under fire: Before Brian Williams, Clinton and Kerry got caught, too

NBC anchor Brian Williams got outed Wednesday by Stars and Stripes on a lie that he has told for over a decade — that he was in […]