Liberal news senior editor tweets F-bomb obscenity at Rand Paul

Proving that even “senior editors” have junior high school moments, a political website editor used his personal Twitter account Tuesday to curse out Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Then he said he was sorry.

What set the Daily Beast’s Justin Miller off was apparently Paul’s disgust with the media’s tendency to “misreport” his various statements about mandatory vaccinations. In a twitter posting Tuesday, Paul announced he was getting an adult measles vaccine.

(Warning: Rough language ahead.)

So Miller seemingly felt obligated to respond.


Paul’s office, naturally, didn’t take the tweet well.

In an email, the senator’s spokesman wrote  that it’s “completely unacceptable for a journalist to be tweeting these type of comments,” according to Politico.

In an email to Politico, Miller tried to explain himself by noting that Paul had provoked him with statements that appeared to link childhood vaccinations with mental problems.

In a contentious interview with CNBC on Monday,  Paul said newborns are given too many vaccines too close together. He said he knows of “many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.”

He tried to clarify that Tuesday, telling the New York Times, “I said I’ve heard of people who’ve had vaccines and they see a temporal association and they believe that.” (See? It’s not what Paul believes, it’s what he was saying other people believe.)

It was during that interview that Paul got the booster shot that sparked the tweet that sent Miller over the edge.

“I replied from my personal account to what I felt was spin after Senator Paul said factually incorrect things about vaccines,” Miller told Politico in an email statement late Tuesday, after the obscene tweet was deleted.  “It would’ve been better to respond with facts than an obscenity, and I deleted the tweet so it wouldn’t reflect on the Beast. I’m sorry for the insult.”

Well, it’s always better to answer with facts than insults.

And it’s always good to say “I’m sorry” if an apology is called for.

But it would be even better if a Republican who makes noises about running for president didn’t keep mistaking national media interviews for libertarian seminars.

It would help if he kept his story straight, too.








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