Eric Holder: I’m the hero who cleaned up George W. Bush’s politicized justice department

The attorney general who’s spent six years turning the Justice Department into a liberal wing of the Democrat Party went off the deep end Tuesday, claiming he actually had to clean up a department that had been politicized by the Bush administration.

holder bush1“This notion that seems to permeate … that somehow this Justice Department has been politicized is totally inconsistent with the facts,” Attorney General Eric Holder said at a news conference.

“You want to look at a Justice Department that’s been politicized, you look at the one I inherited. You look at the way in which hiring was done here for political reasons, you look at all the other things we had to deal with to rebuild.”

It’s actually Holder who’s being “inconsistent with the facts.”

The whole country has seen Holder’s handling of high-profile criminal cases like the Trayvon Martin killing and the Justice Department’s investigation of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman for “civil rights violation” (there were none).

The same thing happened with the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Mo., which Holder and President Obama needlessly elevated into a nationally destructive racial issue.

In between there was the equally important but less covered Justice Department “investigation” of the IRS targeting conservative groups for stringent security – a genuine “civil rights” violation that Holder’s Justice Department buried.

And before all of that, there was the infamous 2008 New Black Panther voter intimidation case in Philadelphia, which Holder dropped even though the Justice Department was on the road to winning convictions by default. (Would Holder have felt differently about white thugs?)

And against that record — and much, much more (Fast and Furious is a story by itself) — Holder has what? The firing of nine U.S. attorneys nobody gave a damn about but the Bush-hating media?

But he’s the guy who cleaned up a politicized Justice Department?

It’s so pathetic it’s laughable.

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