Rand Paul scolds, shushes CNBC host; tells her off in an EPIC dressing-down

If his interview Monday is any indication, a Rand Paul run for president is going to be tough on the nation’s media.

The Kentucky senator and potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination clashed repeatedly with CNBC’s Kelly Evans on topics ranging from mandatory vaccinations to a proposed corporate tax holiday and an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Basically, Paul accused Evans of asking questions based on faulty premises – and then interrupting him when he tried to clarify his points.

“Calm down there, Kelly,” he said at one point, putting his finger to his lips.

It was pretty clear the interview didn’t go as Evans expected, but she handled it well enough until the end, when she asked the obligatory question about Paul’s plans for the 2016 presidential contest.

That’s when Paul really let loose.

“We’re thinking about it and we’re looking around the United States and seeing if the message resonates,” he said. “Part of the problem is that you end up having interviews like this where the interview is so slanted and full of distortions that you don’t get useful information.

“I think this is what’s bad about TV sometimes so, frankly, I think, if we do this again, you need to try to start out with a little more objectivity going into the interview.”

Republicans haven’t seen a guy handle the media like this since Newt Gingrich’s best moments during the 2012 debates.

Check out the full interview here.


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