More shocking than Super Bowl! NBC’s Guthrie makes Obama mad using words like ‘delusional’ and ‘passive’

While NBC’s Savannah Guthrie took some heat from critics for asking President Obama “softball” questions during a live interview that aired before Sunday’s Super Bowl, portions of an earlier recorded interview that aired Monday had a different tone entirely.

Guthrie cited Obama’s statements during the State of the Union claiming the U.S. has helped stop the advance of the Islamic State and noted that critics had called the claim “delusional.”

She even called out “passive” Obama for using a “straw man” by pretending his political opponents are eager to put U.S. forces on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

All in all, it’s the kind of interview that a Super Bowl-sized audience should have seen from their president – not historically illiterate lessons on beer-making in the White House.

The president’s reaction to Guthrie says it all. Watch via Newsbusters:

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