Patriots coach Belichick’s ‘tea party’ pre-game shirt stirs up a twit-storm

New England Patriots coach Bill Bellichick might not be the most popular man in the National Football League, but the T-shirt he was photographed wearing before Sunday’s Super Bowl game went a long way toward putting him in a good light for some conservatives.

Bellichick wasn’t wearing the Gadsden flag, but the “Don’t Tread on Me” motto on his red, white and blue shirt became a Twitter topic. Some people who weren’t fans of Bellichick before got on the bandwagon …

… While took the chance to make fun of Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and his 9/11 “truther” reputation.

And some people just took the chance to show off.

If you’re talking about Crispus Attucks at a Super Bowl party, you’re probably in the tea party, too.

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