CNN to Huckabee: How can you stand having gay friends?

Liberals’ brains get really twisted into a knot each time their perceptions collide with reality, and so it was Sunday when CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on “State of the Union.”

Bash broached the subject of gay marriage. In his book, “God, Guns, Grits, & Gravy,” Huckabee mentions that he has gay friends. That perplexed her, knowing that he also opposed gay marriage.

Her rationale seemed to be that if you’re opposed to same-sex marriage, you must hate gays, or something.

I don’t chuck people out of my circle, or out of my life, because they have a different point of view. I don’t drink alcohol, but, gosh, a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but, believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. 

Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera. It’s not my cup of tea.

Incidentally, Huckabee’s position is precisely that of President Obama’s during his 2008 campaign. But there doesn’t seem to be much about the president that confuses liberals. Go figure.

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