Busted: Sharpton’s trail of tax avoidance ‘copious, confusing and … outright bizarre’

Source: National Review

Every for-profit business started by Al Sharpton has been shut down for failure to meet its tax obligations, according to a National Review report based on New York and Delaware public records and published reports.

Public financial records detailing the life and death of Sharpton’e for-profit enterprises are described by National Review as “copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre,” and often even intertwine with his nonprofit organization, National Action Network.

Active tax warrants indicate that his personal financial outlook isn’t much better: Active tax liens and warrants indicate he owes New York State almost $596,000.

Sharpton’s apparent unwillingness to meet the tax obligations that most Americans have a duty to pay — albeit sometimes begrudgingly — was first disclosed by The New York Times in November. It reported $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens that were filed against him personally and his businesses.

“He clearly appears — based on the information that’s available to us — to have a history of noncompliance with tax obligations,” Bernadette Schopfer, director of taxation at New York certified public-accounting firm Maier Markey & Justic, told National Review.

“It appears that [Sharpton] does not file [taxes for his businesses], and then opens up something else. At all the entities we see he has opened up, he has not been compliant with the obligations of the owner of a business. . . . He’s either willful in his behavior, or he’s just sloppy.”

National Review reported:

Sharpton now makes a substantial income from MSNBC and his radio show, but before that, his ritzy lifestyle was subsidized by wealthy black supporters, says Mercado-Valdes. A donor covered the cost of Sharpton’s upscale Helmsley-Carlton apartment in Manhattan, he says. Donors also covered the cost of the “whopping bill” from the hospital when Sharpton was stabbed at a protest rally, one source tells me — the reverend didn’t even have health insurance.

In his own words, “I’ve been able to reach from the streets to the suites,” Sharpton once said, according to The Times.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” former Sharpton aide Carl Redding told National Review. “I believe that Sharpton has become so powerful it’s diluting everything about him. The African-American community doesn’t trust Sharpton anymore. He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks he has credibility.”

As for Sharpton’s “streets to suites” boast, he evidentially reached “the suites” on the backs of every law-abiding business and individual who actually follow the rules and pay their taxes.


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