The White House loathes him, but watch how Netanyahu’s building support

Would you trust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to babysit your children?

A new Israeli election commercial asked just such a question Sunday on Netanyahu’s official Facebook page.

“The upcoming election offers an important contrast between left and right,” Netanyahu posted on his Facebook page. “We must focus on the security of our great nation. Please watch my latest TV commercial, ‘Babysitter.’”

The ad depicts a couple waiting for the babysitter before a night out, when suddenly, there is a knock.

At the door was Netanyahu, who told them: “You ordered a babysitter. You got a Bibi-sitter.”

When the couple asked the prime minister if he was going to take care of the children, Netanyahu said, “Look, it’s either me or Tzipi or Buji.”

Tziporah “Tzipi” Livni and Yitzhak “Buji” Herzog are trying to unseat Netanyahu for the prime minister post.

With opposition combined under the Zionist Union party, they have vowed to take turns as prime minister if Netanyahu is defeated in the March 17 election. The latest polling shows Netanyahu’s Likud Party with a lead, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The world knows which side the Obama administration wants to win. Which side will Israelis choose for their children’s future?

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Carmine Sabia


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