Shocking video: Cop holds snowball fighters at gunpoint; ‘don’t f*ing move, guys’

A community news website in New York has posted disturbing video of a police officer responding to an apparent snowball fight by drawing his weapon and ordering the youths involved: “don’t f*ing move, guys.”

Talk of the Sound posted the video Saturday night, showing a New Rochelle, N.Y., police officer with his gun drawn and the youths kneeling with their hands raised.

The website said it is working to confirm details of the video, which was apparently shot during the week after Winter Storm Juno dumped several inches of snow on the New York area. It did confirm its location, near Lincoln Avenue and Hemingway Avenue in New Rochelle.

The video picks up with the officer’s weapon drawn, so it’s impossible to tell what took place before that or made the move seem necessary.

The youths were free to go after being frisked.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


13 thoughts on “Shocking video: Cop holds snowball fighters at gunpoint; ‘don’t f*ing move, guys’

  1. yareusodumb says:

    Proof that police have now gone way to far

    1. Combat Veteran Seabee says:

      Never been to New Roc have you?

      1. BoobieTheRocketDog says:

        Lemme guess… The black “boys” were throwing snowballs (loaded with rocks then allowed to freeze solid) at the police car. If they would do that, who’s to say they weren’t packing heat? Nope, never been to New Roc, but is it necessary to have been there?

      2. GlennBillings says:

        What does having been to New Rochelle to do with anything?

        I can’t figure in my mind any justification for that cop to draw his weapon.

        He is only supposed to draw his weapon if he had been threatened with eminent danger of great bodily harm.

        It’s not like the kids had hit his police car with snowballs or they would have been arrested.

        Yes I would say that this is PROOF that the police have gone too far.
        I also won’t be surprised if that cop looses his job.

    2. jimshaw54 says:

      It may be that SOME police have gone too far, but don’t paint the majority with the same brush you paint the minority. Perhaps part of drivers ed (which should be mandatory) should be a training session in what cops have to deal with on a daily basis. It was interesting to watch the man who led a protest against police change his colors when he had to make the split-second decision to shoot or not shoot, and ended up “killing” an innocent.
      Police are faced with lawless people; young people who do many dumb things, or do them deliberately with malice; and people who think they don’t have to obey the laws — to say nothing about the nasty vituperative language directed at them much of the time. If someone called you nasty names on a daily basis how would YOU react?

  2. david scott says:

    Before you pass gas, get the entire story, or “….. the rest of the story.” Ever been nailed by a packed snow ball? Try it, you might even like it.

  3. Rip Rogers says:

    He is a intelligent LEO, with possible ambush on every corner, he did right and should have backup in almost any situation.

    1. Doug says:

      Would he make a good Texas Ranger?

  4. freebirdlj says:

    Since when is a snowball fight illegal? Did they really need guns against snowballs? If this is real, I think someone needs to lose their job.

  5. Margie says:

    Kids just can’t be kids anymore. 🙁

    1. Doug says:

      Later the cop arrested a rogue snowman.

  6. MaryEJ says:

    There is literally NO information here about what really happened. NONE

  7. Bryan Pettengill says:

    Thankfully, the guys complied with the police. It was very evident that the officer is wrong. Although we can’t tell from the video if it was a pistol or a taser, or the race of the snowball teams.

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