Can Hillary’s air of entitlement backfire on the Dems?

Sunday’s CBS News “Face the Nation” panelists criticized Hillary Clinton for considering her nomination — even her election as president — as being already decided, even though she has yet to officially throw her hat into the ring.

One panelist likened the anticipation of her presidential candidacy announcement to a “royal birth.”

A recent poll places Clinton 40 points ahead of her nearest rival — Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, making Clinton essentially unchallenged as the Democratic nominee.

Although The New York Times Magazine’s Mark Leibovich said the poll meant little at this stage, he felt that the lopsided numbers weren’t good for either the party or the former secretary of state.

“Clearly people want to see her out there,” he said. “They wat to see her in a dynamic environment” and not just biding her time.

“And I think also, if you’re being criticized for being a part of a coronation, it’s not good to have your announcement date treated like a royal birth,” CBS News political director John Dickerson interjected.

“I mean, we get story after story, ‘When is Prince George of Cambridge going to arrive?’” he added.

He agreed with Leibovich’s assessment — even if it looks like a done deal, she still has to go out and show she can fight.

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