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Rev. Graham: ‘Secularism and communism are same,’ anti-Christ have taken control of Washington

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The son of famed evangelist Billy Graham is blaming secular progressive leaders in Washington, D.C., for turning America into a godless nation.

“We live in a secular society led by people that call themselves progressives,” the Rev. Franklin Graham said Monday at the Oklahoma State Evangelism Conference, according to CNS News. “When communism [and] the Berlin Wall came down, everybody said, ‘We won,’ and [then] secularism came.”

And it’s not any better than communism, he added.

“Secularism and communism are the same thing,” Graham said. “They’re godless. They’re anti-Christ. So now we have the secularists who’ve taken control of our country. They’ve taken control of Washington.

“They’ve taken control our city governments, our local governments, our school boards all across the country, and we have just sat back.”

Graham urged church officials “to get involved in politics” and help America return to a time when religion had more of an influence on government.

“We need men and women of God who take these local elections serious, so we can take back these various offices and have men and women of God who believe in the Bible, who stand on the word of God,” he said. “America has changed, and it’s not coming back unless the church takes a stand. There are storms that are coming, and we find ourselves in these storms, and many times, we as a church, we run. And we run to the wrong place. You see, Jesus is in the boat [with us]. All we have to do is call Him.”

Tom Tillison


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