‘What’s your beef?’ O’Reilly puffs up, confronts Trump for taking embarrassing SWIPE at ‘The Factor’

Like two curmudgeonly old men who’ve live next door to one another too long, Fox News Host Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump went at each other Thursday night.

All in good fun.

“So, what’s your beef?” a smirking O’Reilly asked to open the segment.

The Donald called into “The O’Reilly Factor” from South Miami, making it a point to note how warm it is there.

“Well, you know what? I shoveled a bunch of snow right up against your door up here!” O’Reilly said in jest from New York.

Trump was invited on the show because he had complained on social media about a promo to Tuesday’s show, where O’Reilly teased that the inclusion of Sarah Palin and Trump threatened to turn the 2016 GOP presidential race into a “reality show.”

His tweets, as seen on Twitter:

Sarah Palin had complained about the promo the day before and O’Reilly addressed her concerns on Wednesday night’s show, saying he meant no offense. But as it turns out, the ego-driven billionaire was only upset that his name was used in the tease, yet was barely mentioned in the actual segment. Interestingly, O’Reilly bluntly tells Trump that he doesn’t think he’s going to run for president, and while Trump pushed back somewhat, the effort was minimal. O’Reilly’s contention with Trump and Palin is that neither have put together a national organization to drive a run for the White House.

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