Watch: Weatherman has news team rolling in response to technical goof

We know it gets hot out west in the deserts of Arizona, but this is ridiculous.

While reading current temperatures in the greater Phoenix area, FOX 10 Arizona Morning’s weatherman Cory McCloskey encountered a technical glitch.

On the map before him, he was suddenly seeing temperatures ranging from 1270º all the way up to 2960º!

But McCloskey never missed a beat.

“1270º in Ahwatukee,” he told viewers, as if the readings were accurate. “Now, I’m not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee, but this temperature seems pretty high.”

“Cave Creek , Fountain Hills, they don’t look good,” he continued. And frankly, Wickenburg is a total loss.”

McCloskey warned viewers in areas on the map showing normal temperatures that they are surrounded by some “pretty intense” heat.

“Again, I’m not your dad, but I would get out while you still can,” he deadpanned, while his cohorts laughed off camera. 

He then points to a 2960º reading, saying: “I think steel boils at about this temperature. So Cave Creek, there’s probably nothing left up there right now. So don’t even bother looting up there, it’s not going to be worth it.” 

One thing is certain, if the weatherman thing doesn’t pan out, McCloskey may want to consider a stint as a stand-up comedian, because he is hilarious.


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